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Founded in 2014 by Eve Allen Garza, Downtown Dance Collective is a collaborative dance organization that works to strengthen and enhance the performing arts in Reno, NV. Through the promotion and organization of live events, DDC gives local dance artists the opportunity for artistic exchange and experimentation resulting in innovative and thought-provoking works. We provide an avenue through which works-in-progress, pieces by up-and-coming choreographers, and premieres may be shared. We hope to create new dance experiences in Reno and provide access to our viewers thus fostering social cohesion and inventive ways of expression.


Eve Allen Garza is a dancer, dance educator and choreographer in Reno, NV.  She received her MFA in ballet from the University of Utah and BS in business administration with a dance minor from the University of Nevada, Reno. Allen Garza is the founder and director of the Downtown Dance Collective (DDC). DDC is a collaborative dance organization that aims to bring together local talent and present accessible performances to our community. 

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